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Ketappa Leaf Amando
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Payment direct to account Koperasi Usahawan Groombig Perlis Berhad (R40170) Affin Islamik no 105790003335 should be done through normal online bank transfer.

Product Description- .Indian Almando Catappa Leaves Benefits from this Indian Almond Leaves: 1) Natural Water Conditioner 2) Natural addition of Trace Minerals 3) Natural Anti-Inflammatory 4) Natural Food Source 5) Natural Decorative 6) Natural Healing Agent 7) Induces breeding in Betta Fish Indian Almond Leaves are commonly used for conditioning and care of Bettas. They arebelieved to aid the fish in a number of ways, they increase fertility, health, and vitality. Reduce Ph in water, aid in the recovery of diseased or damaged fish and the tannin quickly color the water.Indian almond leaves (IAL) have traditionally been used by Betta (Siamese Fighting Fish) breeders in South East Asia to mimic the natural Betta habitat . They are believed to aid the fish in a number of ways, such as helping fight fish heal after a battle and inducing spawning in breeding tanks.

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